• Rafael Japón

Rafael Japón is a Phd candidate in Art History at the Universities of Granada and Bologna, in the frame of a Doctorate Agreement between both institutions. His thesis project considers the influence of Italian Art on the Sevillian Baroque School of Painting. He has been invited to speak on this theme at several international conferences across Europe and has published several articles and chapters on the relations between Seville and Italy. He is also editor of the book Bartolomé Esteban Murillo y la copia pictórica (Universidad de Granada, 2018), and more recently, he has written several chapters of the book La pintura italiana en Granada: artistas y coleccionistas, originales y copias (Universidad de Granada), coordinated by David García Cueto. At present, he is a member of the research team and webmaster of the Spanish National Project El despliegue artístico en la monarquía hispánica (siglos XVI-XVIII), directed by Dr. David García Cueto.