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    Ms Miriam Lyons

Miriam Lyons is the Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Development (CPD).

Other Appointments and Qualifications: Miriam is a board member of the Centre for Australian Progress and the advisory committee of the Centre for Cosmopolitan Civil Societies at University of Technology, Sydney. As the former Director of the Interface Festival of Ideas in Sydney, and the Ideas Program for the Straight out of Brisbane Festival, Miriam has a history of bringing policy ideas to new audiences. She has also worked as a freelance writer and researcher and as a media development consultant in East Timor.

Influence: Ms Lyons is a regular guest on Radio National’s Drive and Outsiders programs along with ABC television’s QandA and The Drum. She co-edited the CPD book More than luck: ideas Australia needs now with Mark Davis. Miriam made a presentation at TedX 2010, and was profiled in the Thinkers category of The Australian’s Emerging Leaders series, as a Woman Shaping Australia in Madison magazine and as an AFR Boss 2010 True Leader.

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