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    Mr Akram Azimi

Akram Azimi is the 2013 Young Australian of the Year.

Influence: Akram is a dedicated mentor to young Indigenous people. He arrived in Australia 13 years ago from Afghanistan and quickly went on to become an outstanding student. He is currently studying a triple major at the University of Western Australia. In 2011 he co-founded a student-run initiative I Am The Other set up to raise awareness about Indigenous issues in universities. His philanthropic roles have included working with True Blue Dreaming, which helps disadvantaged remote Indigenous communities. For three years, Akram mentored young Indigenous people in the Looma community in the Kimberley region. He has mentored primary school students in the small farming community of Wyalkatchem in the West Australian wheat belt. Akram is also mentoring a Special Olympics athlete to help raise community awareness of disability issues.

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