• Professor David Haylock

David Haylock is a CSIRO Science Leader and holder of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. David has extensive knowledge and expertise in the biology of human haemopoietic stem and progenitor cells. He was one of the team that pioneered transplantation with mobilised blood progenitor cells, a technique that has since revolutionized “bone marrow” transplantation. During the last decade, David has focused on manipulation of haemopoietic stem and progenitor cells for therapeutic purposes. From 2000-2005, as Head of Experimental Cell Therapy at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Professor Haylock lead Australia's first clinical trial with cultured blood stem cells in the setting of repetitive high dose chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer. He was appointed as the Director of the Major National Research Facility Division of the Australian Stem Cell Centre in 2004 and worked with the ASCC until July 2009. In his current role at CSIRO, David leads work on the development of bioreactor technology for blood cell growth and also collaborates with scientists on new polymer materials for stem cell culture.