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    Professor Andrew J May

Professor of History in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne

Andrew J. May is Professor of History in the School of Historical & Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne. He has published widely on the historical condition of Australian cities, their public spaces and cultures as well as their myths and rituals. His Melbourne Street Life (1998) was an early study utilising the street as a frame for the historical analysis of the urban experience, and he has guided development of the Encyclopedia of Melbourne in print (Cambridge University Press, 2005) and online formats (www.emelbourne.net.au). He has also been involved in the development of other history applications in new media formats, including Melbourne Podtours (with ABC 774), eGold (for Heritage Victoria), and Pathways to the Past, a learning module on using images as historical evidence. Andrew has served on advisory committees of the National Trust, City of Melbourne, Public Record Office Victoria, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne Immigration Museum, Royal Historical Society of Victoria, Melbourne Museum, and the National Archives of Australia. In 2006 he was winner of the ‘Individual Contribution to Profile’ award in the City of Melbourne’s ‘Melbourne Awards’, and is currently the Historian Member on the Victorian Heritage Council.