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    Gabriel Nodea

Cultural Liaison Officer, Warmun Arts Centre and Lead Teacher of Ngarranggarni: Gija Art and Country

Gabriel Nodea is a Gija man from East Kimberley, Western Australia. He has held Indigenous leadership positions across the Kimberley for over twenty years, including Acting Chairperson of the Kimberley Law and Culture Centre (KALAC); Chairperson of the Warmun Art Board of Directors; and Vice Chairperson of the Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists (ANKAAA). Gabriel is well known as a dancer following performances in Paris and Canada, and in 2010, he represented Warmun Art in the ‘No-Name Station’ exhibition in Beijing, for the year of Australia/China cultural exchange. He is currently the Cultural Liaison Officer at the Warmun Art Centre and, along with Senior Gija knowledge holders, is a lead teacher and co-ordinator of the University of Melbourne’s first Gija taught on-country subject, Ngarranggarni: Gija Art and Country.