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    Professor Juan-Luis Suárez

Professor Juan Luis Suárez is a Professor of Digital Humanities and Computer Science at Western University, Ontario, where he is also Professor in Hispanic Studies. He is also Director of the CulturePlex Lab – one of Canada’s leading centres for digital research and innovation within the humanities (www.cultureplex.ca). His publications include: Technologies of Humanism. The Evolution of Spanish Humanism. [Tecnologías del humanismo. La evolución del humanismo español] 2011; Protheus’ Heirs. A Theory on Spanish Humanism. [Herederos de Proteo. Una teoría del humanismo español] 2008; and Staging Imagination. Calderón’s Theatre. [El escenario de la imaginación. Calderón en su teatro]2002. He has also edited special issue journals on “Complexity and Its Sciences”, Revista de Occidente, April 2008 and co-edited “Calderón’s Virtual Worlds”, Anuario Calderoniano5, 2012. He has just completed the book The Digital Humanist [El humanista digital].