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    Dr Daniela Zalcenstein

Dr Daniela Zalcenstein received her degree in biomedical engineering from the Fachhochschule Giessen-Friedberg, Germany, in 1998. She then worked for 3 years at Sequenom GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, as a development engineer for the MassArray SNP genotyping system. She then pursued a PhD in human genetics at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. During her PostDoc, and later as staff scientist at the Weizmann Institute Daniela was in charge of setting up two Next-Generation-Sequencing service labs. She also worked on developing non-standard DNA and RNA sequencing applications in the lab of Dr. Ido Amit. In 2014 Daniela joined the lab of Dr. Shalin Naik at WEHI, where she works on optimization and implementation of cost effective high throughput single cell RNA-Seq protocols using cutting edge technologies.