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    Mr Adam Liaw

Adam Liaw is a unique voice in Australian food, culture and Asian-Australian relations. He is a food columnist for Fairfax and the Guardian, and the author of five popular cookbooks on Asian cuisines. On television, Adam hosts the SBS food and travel program, Destination Flavour. Adam was the winner of MasterChef Australia’s blockbuster second series in 2010. Born in Malaysia to an English-Singaporean mother and Hainanese Chinese father, Adam’s family lived in several countries through his youth and his culinary influences are far-reaching. His love affair with food and cooking blossomed during this time living in Tokyo. He is a fluent Japanese speaker and in 2016 was named Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine acknowledging his significant contributions to promoting regional Japanese cuisine in Australia.

Adam Liaw is the embodiment of multicultural Australia and articulates his and others’ cultural values using cooking as a tool. He is a fluent communicator in Japanese language and has been promoting regional Japanese cuisine in Australia for many years. Adam challenges the conventional idea that a culture is owned by a nation state and its people and he encourages us to embrace other languages and cultures in order to celebrate the multiplicity of perspectives and values that make Australia the unique society that it is.