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    Dr Celia McMichael

Celia McMichael is a Lecturer in the School of Geography at the University of Melbourne. She teaches subjects including 'Cells to Societies' and 'Health Geography'.

Celia conducts research focused on health geography, international health, migrant and refugee health, and climate change-related migration and displacement. She has worked in Nepal, Fiji, Angola, Peru and Sri Lanka. Celia is currently working on research projects focusing on water, sanitation and hygiene behaviour change in rural-poor communities (Nepal and Philippines) in collaboration with Australian Red Cross, refugee resettlement in Australia, and climate change related migration and relocation in Fiji.

Celia has experience in academic research, applied research consultancies and work in the international development sector (with World Health Organisation, Health Organisations, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Non-Government Organisations and United Nation agencies).