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    Associate Professor Tissa Wijeratne

Professor Tissa Wijeratne is a senior Neurologist and the Director, Department of Neurology and the Stroke Service, Neuroscience Research Unit, Movement Disorders Program and Headache Program at Western Hospital, Melbourne.

Tissa is a Professor in Neurology (Visiting) and clinical Associate Professor in Medicine, Director, Academic Medicine and International Affairs, Academic Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne–Western Health. He is the current Director/Chair, Department of Neurology, Western Health.

Professor Tissa Wijeratne is the first ever permanent visiting Professor of Neurology to be appointed to a Sri Lankan University. He was appointed as a Visiting Professor of Neurology at Rajarata University, Sri Lanka as well as at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya to promote neurology education in Sri Lanka.