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    Rod Quantock

Rod Quantock is a pioneer of Australian comedy with more than 45 years in stand-up, cabaret, theatre, television and radio. He is the only comedian to have performed at all 30 Melbourne International Comedy Festivals and one of the few – perhaps the only – to be awarded an Order of Australia for his work. It is not hyperbole to say that he is an Australian legend.

Rod is known first and foremost as a very funny man, but his reach extends beyond comedy into political and social activism. A passionate environmental activist and advocate for social justice, he lobs Molotov cocktails of mirth at the most serious of subjects. When you see Rod Quantock in action, you can be sure he’ll be talking about something of substance; he just may be holding a rubber chicken... 

For his trouble, Rod has received numerous awards over his 47-year career, but he’s perhaps most proud of his 2015 Order of Australia, his 2004 Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award (putting him in the company of such arts luminaries as Geoffrey Rush, Robyn Nevin, Nick Enright, Lucy Guerin and Paul Grabowsky) and his Honorary Associate Fellowship at the Institute of Sustainability at the University of Melbourne for his contribution to the environmental debate in this country.