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    Dr Sigfredo Fuentes

Dr Fuentes received his undergraduate degrees from The University of Talca in Chile in 1999 and his PhD from the University of Western Sydney in 2006. He later did two Postdoctoral Fellowships at The University of Technology in Sydney (Climate Change, elevated CO2 experiments) and The University of Adelaide (Climate Change, Viticulture)

Fuentes was appointed as Lecturer in Viticulture at The University of Adelaide in September 2008 until August 2012. He was appointed as Lecturer in Wine Science and Co-ordinator of the Master of Wine Technology and Viticulture at The University of Melbourne in August 2012.

Dr Fuentes' main research and teaching interest confer to the use of state of the art of instrumentation for plant physiology research, such as short range, airborne and satellite remote sensing. Near Infrared Spectroscopy, Infrared Thermography, Sap Flow Sensors. Recent research interests are in the area of computer programs developed for agricultural research and practical applications. Development of new methodologies to assess plant physiology and growth using image analysis and instrumentation.

He is the international co-ordinator for The Vineyard of The Future Initiative, which is a multinational collaboration to establish a fully instrumented vineyard for climate change research. Dr Fuentes is Institute Fellow of Digital Agriculture, Food and Wine and University of Melbourne's Networked Society Institute.