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    Professor Matthaios Santamouris

M. Santamouris is Professor of High Performance Architecture in UNSW, and Professor in the University of Athens, Greece. Visiting Professor : Cyprus Institute, Metropolitan University London, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Bolzano University, Brunnel University and National University of Singapore. Past President of the National Center of Renewable and Energy Savings of Greece. Editor in Chief of the Energy and Buildings Journal, Past Editor in Chief of the Advances Building Energy Research, Associate Editor of the Solar Energy Journal and Member of the Editorial Board of 14 Journals. Editor of the Series of Book on Buildings, published by Earthscan Science Publishers. Editor and author of 14 international books published by Earthscan, Springer, etc. Author of 260 scientific articles published in journals. Reviewer of research projects in 15 countries including USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Sweden