• Dr Gijs Tol

Since 2016 Dr Gijs Tol is employed as a Lecturer in Classical Archaeology at the University of Melbourne. He obtained his PhD from the University of Groningen in 2012, and subsequently worked as a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer in the Netherlands and Italy (La Sapienza University, Rome). His main research interests are Roman period economic networks and settlement dynamics. He currently leads landscape archaeological fieldwork in the Pontine Plain (southern Lazio, Italy), investigating the role of nucleated rural settlements in local and regional economies and co-directs excavations at the multi-craft production site of Podere Marzuolo in Tuscany. His most recent publications include ‘An integrated approach to the study of local production an exchange in the lower Pontine Plain’ (Journal of Roman Archaeology 29, 2016) and a co-edited volume entitled Rural communities in a globalizing economy: new perspectives on the economic integration of Roman Italy (Brill, 2017).