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    Professor Chris Waters

Chris Waters received his PhD at Harvard University and is currently the Hans W. Gatzke โ€™38 Professor of Modern European History at Williams College in Massachusetts. At Williams he teaches courses on modern Britain, twentieth-century Europe, the philosophy of history, and the history of sexuality. He has served a five-year term as head of his department, has directed the Williams-Exeter Program at Oxford University, and recently completed his term as president of the Northeast Conference on British Studies in North America. He is co-editor of Moments of Modernity: Reconstructing Britain 1945-1964 and author of British Socialists and the Politics of Popular Culture, 1884-1914 and more than thirty articles in modern British cultural and social history. His recent work focuses on the history of homosexuality, psychiatry, and the making of the modern self in Britain, on which he has published in GLQ, the Journal of British Studies, History Workshop Journal, and various edited collections. He is currently working on a book about three queer lives that came to dominate sexual discourse either in or about 1950s Britain โ€“ Oscar Wilde, Peter Wildeblood, and Alan Turing. This semester he is an Honorary Visiting Fellow in the Department of History and Archaeology at La Trobe University