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    Dr Natalia Grincheva

Holder of several prestigious international academic awards, including Fulbright (2007–2009), Quebec Fund (2011–2013), Australian Endeavour (2012–2013) and SOROS research grant (2013-2014), Dr. Grincheva travelled around the world to conduct research on digital diplomacy. Focusing on new museology and social media technologies, she has successfully implemented several research projects on the “diplomatic” uses of new media by the largest museums in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Her research appeared in many prominent international academic journals, including Journal of Creative Communications, Curator, The Museum Journal, Hague Journal of Diplomacy, Global Media and Communication Journal, Museum and Society, and others. Among her most influential publications is an award winning short format book, Psychopower of Cultural Diplomacy in the Information Age, that received 2013 Digital Humanities (DH) Research Award in the category “Best DH short publication.” Currently, she is working on two publication projects contracted by Routledge. The first book, Branding the Global Guggenheim: Cultural Diplomacy in the Neoliberal Age, will explore franchising museum practices as new avenues for contemporary institutional diplomacy. The second monograph, Museum Diplomacy in the Digital Age, will contribute to the ‘Museum Meanings’ Routledge series. It will explore online museum spaces as sites of social activism and digital diplomacy through four case studies.

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