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    Dr Ann Brach

Ann M. Brach is the Director of the Technical Activities Division at the Transportation Research Board (TRB). She leads the division’s multi-modal and multi-disciplinary activities that aim to advance the knowledge and practice of transportation. These activities include TRB’s Annual Meeting, dozens of specialty conferences, workshops, a peer-reviewed journal, and other products and services. Before taking this position, Dr Brach served as the Director of the $218 million Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) at TRB, where she was responsible for overall direction of interdisciplinary research. Prior to becoming the director, Dr Brach was SHRP 2’s deputy director and was responsible for overseeing the development and conduct of the largest-ever naturalistic driving study; she continues to have oversight responsibility for use of these data by researchers all over the world. In addition, she has conducted studies of funding trends, congressional earmarking, and stakeholder involvement in federal transportation research programs. Before coming to TRB, Dr Brach was Research and Technology Program Manager at the Federal Highway Administration and Chief of the Research and Technology Division of the Maryland State Highway Administration.