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    Professor Natasha Merat

Professor Merat is an experimental psychologist and research group leader of the Human Factors and Safety Group, @ITS Leeds. Her main research interests are in understanding the interaction of road users with new technologies. She applies this interest to studying factors such as driver distraction and driver impairment, and she is an expert in studying the human factors implications of highly automated vehicles. She is currently involved in six UK and European Projects on automated vehicles. In the AdaptIVe project, she is studying drivers’ ability to resume control from automation in critical situations, investigating how this transition is achieved quickly and safely. For CityMobil2, Professor Merat conducted pioneering work to investigate pedestrians’ perceptions and views of fully automated low-speed vehicles, during live demonstrations, work which she is continuing as part of the newly funded H2020 project: InterACT. She is also PI to the recently-funded £15M Innovate UK project HumanDrive.