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    Mr Nigel Pernu

When Nigel Pernu’s health took a turn for the worse and he was unable to continue his work as a chef, he was on the path to homelessness. The pathway out of homelessness led him to a peer recovery program, where he spent his time completing a double Diploma in Community Services and Community Development. He now volunteers as a member of the Peer Education and Support Program (PESP) at the Council to Homeless Persons (CHP). Nigel is working to further peoples’ understanding of the issues around health, mental health and homelessness and improve policy and service delivery. He has been working with CHP to deliver NDIS training to the homelessness sector around Victoria, to help workers make it easier for people to access the support they need. Nigel is also working with the VEC as a Democracy Ambassador, providing peer education to people experiencing homelessness to about the election and the importance of their vote.