Festival of Ideas 2013 - Opening Ceremony - Human Rights, Social Equity & Health - Session 02

While many social reformists have measured the greatness of a society by the treatment of its most vulnerable members, in Australasia we grapple with the status of both our first and newest peoples as a measure of moral culpability. The health and social resilience outcomes of Indigenous peoples have long reflected poorly on the occupation of ancestral lands by European cultures. Meanwhile, our newest Australians arrive as economic, political or environmental refugees to a region that can struggle to accommodate difference: new faces, traditions, work ethics and moral codes.

In this, the first core session for the 2013 Festival of Ideas, thought leaders will consider how our region is addressing the challenges of difference and diversity and the immediate actions we can take to set a course for a more healthy and inclusive society.

This event will include with a performance by the Lockhard River Kawadji Wimpa Dancers.