The Art of Science Initiative: Storm

The Art of Science Initiative is an exciting new collision between art and science with the aim of providing a collaborative, interdisciplinary platform to facilitate learning, inquiry and exploration of important public issues, with inspiration and engagement of a wide audience through lectures, exhibitions and events.

The inaugural lecture, Storm, coincides with the beginning of Melbourne’s asthma season. Join us for a presentation by some of the University of Melbourne’s brightest and most eminent artists, health scientists and clinicians who will focus on the romantic and scientific phenomena relating to storm, including the very dangerous and problematic public health issue of Thunderstorm Asthma.

The Art of Science Initiative has been brought about by like-minded colleagues from the Victorian College of the Arts and the Biomedical Sciences precinct, representing the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the Therapeutic Technologies Hallmark Research Initiative and the Lung Health Research Centre.