CSHE 2013 Tertiary Education Policy Seminar: Party policies on Tertiary Education

The upcoming federal election is likely to be a game changer in higher education. Labor introduced the Bradley and Cutler reforms in higher education and research in 2008-2010 but seems to have run out of gas and has pulled back the earlier financial commitments to full research support and review of base grants. The stronger universities are blocked from building the world-class budgets they need to compete globally.

The demand-driven system and the equity targets have survived. The government wants its legacy to be access, but on the cheap. Meanwhile a likely Coalition government government on one hand would probably cut government funding and raise student contributions, and close down the demand-driven system, on the other offers policy ideas such as a new Colombo Plan and an Asian languages strategy. But will a Coalition government deregulate fees? Would the stronger research universities prosper at the expense of the rest? What would happen to access?