PIARN Symposium: Farm profitability in a food insecure world

Recorded: Monday, 3 June, 2013

University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria

PIARN and NCCARF will explore a more profitable, less emissions-intensive primary industries sector.

Projected increases in global food and fibre demand in the next 20 years and beyond are well documented, however the pathways through which Australian agriculture may profit from these developments are less well defined. This lack of clarity is exacerbated by the policy uncertainty relating to both climate and carbon.

The symposium will explore potential directions Australian agriculture could take to ensure that farming remains profitable in what will be a period of great change and opportunity.

Leading national and international speakers will examine the current impacts of climate variability on agricultural industries, strategies to optimise future farm profitability, and how national and international carbon policy could support these responses. The symposium will conclude with a forum focusing on 'what the Carbon Farming Initiative could be' for the Australian farming community.