2013 Tertiary Education Policy Seminar - Standards and controls

Recorded: Monday 17th June, 2013

Prof. Greg Craven, Vice-Chancellor, Australian Catholic University Prof. Pip Pattison, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), University of Melbourne Chair: Prof. Richard James, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equity and Student Engagement), University of Melbourne

Two decades of quality assurance at institution level and then at system level in higher Australian education have convinced few outside university marketing departments that real quality is stable or standards are improving. Now the government has put in place a vigorous Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Authority (TEQSA) to tighten external scrutiny and define and monitor standards of teaching and learning. But can standards be standardized between disciplines and institutions in a meaningful way? How can we accurately register improvements or declines? Is TEQSA summative or developmental? Is the system bigger than TEQSA or with it start to strangle institutional initiative, educational creativity and academic freedom?