MGSE Deans Lecture - How do we Learn to Thrive? The Emergence of Wellbeing Science

Debates about wellbeing and happiness have occupied religious discourse and philosophical, political, medical and economic debate for centuries. However, the emergence of wellbeing science and positive psychology is relatively new. Can we change our wellbeing? If so, should we try? How do we do it? How do we help others to learn to thrive?

In this forward-looking presentation, Professor Oades will invite you into the building of a new comprehensive mid-level theory of wellbeing – 'Thriveability Theory' – so desperately needed to fill the barren space between the high-level theory of philosophers and the sometimes non-reflective measurement by some empirical scientists. Come prepared to actively wrestle with and discuss difficult questions. Leave with a better understanding of current and local endeavours of wellbeing science, including its applications such as positive education.

This event, presented by Professor Lindsay G Oades, is part of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education Dean's Lecture Series 2018. It is also scheduled as part of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education's 10 Year Anniversary.

Presenters Professor Lindsay G Oades