What you Need to Know about Eating Disorders - Psych Talks

In a world fixated on how we look and what we eat, it’s no wonder that body dissatisfaction and eating disorders are on the rise. Compounding this problem, the ways that eating disorders manifest in the world are changing, creating new complexities for individuals, carers, researchers, and policy makers.

Eating disorders are complex neuropsychiatric disorders, affecting all ages, gender identities and cultures. Eating disorders are not necessarily about 'thinness', and you cannot tell that someone has an eating disorder by looking at them.

With eating disorders having potentially life-threatening consequences, it is clear that research and advocacy for people experiencing eating disorders are needed now more than ever. The University of Melbourne and the Butterfly Foundation are rising to this challenge.

Join our expert panel in discussing what you need to know – and what you can do – about eating disorders.

Presenters Mitch Doyle Dr Scott Griffiths Dr Isabel Krug Danni Rowlands