Witness Seminar: communication and health policy creation during the Australian AIDS crisis

The Australian response to the AIDS crisis was one of the most effective in the world, marked by cooperation between government, community groups and academic researchers.

Under a new reforming Federal Government, a debate raged against a context of new medical discoveries, a long campaign for gay rights, and an often panicked and denunciatory media coverage.

The consensus to pursue policies of harm minimisation and promote safe sex was far more contingent than it might seem today.

This Witness Seminar will bring together academics and contemporary representatives of government and gay and community health activists, to retrace the events unfolding during the height of the crisis.

Produced by the University of Melbourne's History of the University Unit with support from the Cultural and Community Relations fund and staff of the Cultural Development Unit

Presented by:

The Honourable Dr Neal Blewett Dr Adam Carr Ms Judy Frecker Mr David Menadue Professor Emeritus David Penington Dr Norman Swan Mr Gino Vumbaca Dr Alex Wodak