Dymphna Clark Lecture by Anna Funder

Reading My Mind - and Yours. A celebration of the act of the human imagination that is writing, and the act of the human imagination that is reading.

In Anna Funder's novel All that I Am the character Ruth says 'to imagine the life of another is an act of compassion as holy as any'. Anna Funder tells stories that show the power of the human imagination: the power to make the world make sense. And the power to travel not only in time and space, but into another person's consciousness. From lauding authors as intelligent designers in an age of blithering factoids, to the dangers of real-life truth telling in an age of denial, to the mantra of all mothers: 'I did my best. It wasn't enough. But it could have been worse.' Come and hear Anna tell stories to show why reading and writing are worth placing at the centre of a life.

Dymphna Clark, an extraordinary scholar and acclaimed writer, was married to Manning Clark and mother of Sebastian Clark (now President of Manning Clark House). It was she who bequeathed the family home to the intellectual and cultural community with the wish that it be used to support artists and public intellectuals and provide a safe haven for the entire community. The Dymphna Clark Lecture is delivered annually by a lecturer who exemplifies the deep commitment Dymphna Clark showed to Australia's intellectual and cultural life.