Journalism in the age of the open web, Katharine Viner, Editor-in-chief of Guardian Australia

In this globalised era, most news organisations have international ambitions, from Al Jazeera to Buzzfeed. Katharine Viner argues that journalism that is open to the web is the best way to make a global impact. But what does that mean? Who is our audience in such a world? What do they want from us? What kind of business models best serve 'post-industrial journalism'? And why is Guardian Australia here?

Katharine Viner is editor-in-chief of recently launched Guardian Australia and has been deputy editor of the Guardian worldwide since 2007. Having previously worked at London's Sunday Times, Katharine joined the Guardian in 1997 and has worked as a writer, editor of Weekend magazine, features editor, head of comment and Saturday editor.

The A.N. Smith Lecture in Journalism commemorates Arthur Norman Smith, a leading political journalist. Over its 70-year-history the lecture has attracted a series of distinguished speakers and is regarded as the most prestigious lecture on journalism in Australia. Among previous speakers are Peter Beattie, Annabel Crabb, Jon Faine, Michael Gawenda, Michelle Grattan, Bob Hawke, Maxine McKew, Rupert Murdoch, Mark Scott and Kim Williams.