Australia and the West in a new Asian order?

The past decade has seen one of the great transformations of modern times: a shifting of the axis of the world economy away from the Atlantic towards Asia in which the centre of world power has moved away from a declining West to a rising China. Or so we have been informed.

Writers like Fareed Zakaria have talked openly of a new post-American world in the making, others of the West facing an inexorable decline in which new non-western actors will play an ever-greater role in shaping the international politics of the 21st century. But how far have these processes gone? Is it true to say that the 21st century will be 'Asian'? And will China one day 'rule the world'?

In this fascinating public lecture, Professor Michael Cox will challenge prevailing opinion, suggesting that in the rush to embrace change we often overlook the many things in the world of power which remain very much the same.

This is the inaugural University of Melbourne and London School of Economics and Political Science Lecture.