Wellbeing: The Rutted Road to Optimal Life Outcomes

Presented by Dr Margaret Kern

Until recently, medicine and social sciences have predominately focused on improving medical, psychological and social problems. But, driven by the field of positive psychology, there is growing enthusiasm for a new paradigm that focuses on optimal life outcomes. Wellbeing has been linked to better physical health, greater educational and occupational success, better social relationships, more productive contributions to society and even longer life.

A focus on wellbeing is seemingly the way forward to a flourishing society yet the journey ahead raises questions about how wellbeing should be defined and measured, how health and wellbeing unfold across the lifespan and implications for intervention.

In this lecture, Dr Kern will address the potential for and challenges to incorporating wellbeing into education, health care and public policy, and the need for collaborative, interdisciplinary and process-oriented research to successfully navigate the journey ahead.