2011 Festival of Ideas - The Genetic Revolution III: Legal, Ethical and Moral Dimensions

What issues of privacy arise from a person's genome being full described? What moral issues are at stake in pre-natal diagnosis of potentiality for serious illness in the foetus? Why do indigenous peoples reject genetic testing?

The Genetic Revolution is upon us: one baby in 30 has been conceived using IVF, and the cost of a genome scan for an adult has come down to less than $500. Most people welcome the health benefits -- but what of other outcomes? Knowledge empowers, but sometimes is difficult to deal with, particularly for those who are already disadvantaged by "the system", such as Aboriginal people, women, the handicapped, the poor and refugees. Can the new genetic technologies enhance our lives, empower us, and lead to greater health, fitness and equality? Or will they just give still more money, and power, to those who already have too much? Three distinguished experts in the legal and ethical issues will present their views and listen to yours.