2011 Festival of Ideas - Keynote: Australian Identity in the 21st Century

This lecture would look at current Australian utterances and manifestations of identity, and attempt to connect them to where we camefrom and where we are bound.

Amongst other issues it will address the question of an earlier Australia having its base in the principle of White Australia, and to try to explain why much of that Deakin-esque identity has survived the recognition of the reality of our position on earth, and the fact of large Asian immigration.

Having looked at some ofthese questions, I would ask about the extent to which globalisation has until now undermined the other aspect of Australian identity as defined by Deakin, Protectionist equity; the extent to which globalisation will further erode identity; and then the survival of the old expectations of Commonwealth to this day. In dealing with shifts in identity, I hope to draw on the cultural and social narrative of change and continuance in identity.