Why Good Journalism Will Always Matter

Big changes are ahead for the regulation of Australian journalism. In this address, scheduled for a few weeks after the federal government media inquiry reports, the Chair of the Australian Press Council, Julian Disney will review its recommendations and what they mean for the future. Has the inquiry struck the right balance between freedom of speech and the responsibilities that go with that freedom? What is the future for the Australian Press Council? And how do we best ensure a healthy future for the journalism that matters? When Professor Julian Disney became chair of the Australian Press Council in December 2009, it was at a low point. The publishers had cut its funding, and Disney's predecessor had left the post with parting words in which he called into doubt the industry's ability to meaningfully self regulate. Disney led a reform effort that led to funding being restored and standards and processes reviewed and upgraded. Then came the News of the World scandal in the United Kingdom, and shortly afterwards the federal government's independent media inquiry. In this keynote address, Professor Disney will look forward to what the future of journalism might hold, and how the industry might exercise its responsibilities in the future.Julian Disney has been Chair of the Council since December 2009. He is a Professor of Law and Director of the Social Justice Project at the University of New South Wales. He has previously been Professor of Public Law at the Australian National University and Director of its Centre for International and Public Law.

Presenters Julian Disney