Vaccines to Change the World

Vaccines to change the world Australia's role in a critical global health mission - immunising against deadly diseases

This forum marks the launch of Australia';s Role in the World, a partnership initiative between The University of Melbourne, the Australian Institute of International Affairs and UN Youth Australia to engage young people, academia and the wider public in debate about major global issues.

All children have a right to life-saving vaccines, no matter where they are born.The GAVI Alliance (formerly The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) has made it possible to bring global immunisation levels to historic highs, and supported rollout of life-saving new vaccines. GAVI plans to save four million lives over the next four years by vaccinating 250 million children against pneumococcal disease and rotavirus diarrhoea.Australia is contributing money, science and leadership to the effort.Find out about more about the immunisation effort, the science that underpins it, and learn how we can further contribute to building global health security.