Experience like a Local: Developing the World’s First Artificial Intelligence Guide for Museums

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Experience like a Local: Developing the World’s First Artificial Intelligence Guide for Museums

享受如同本地人一般的体验: 世界首款博物馆人工智能导游系统

This presentation will be delivered in Chinese with synchronous translation in English.

Robin Hao will share the story of MagicPi, Melbourne-based creative tech start-up that employs new technologies in linguistic artificial intelligence (AI) to advance visitor services of contemporary arts and cultural organizations.

MagicPi delivers mobile applications for museum visitors that use natural language recognition, automatic search and machine learning to support language equity in a foreign environment.

Hao will discuss his close collaborations with leading museums and cultural institutions in the Asian-Pacific region in the last years. These engagements were instrumental to develop innovative solutions to enhance cultural experiences of international tourists and museum goers.

During the lecture Hao will demonstrate the most recently created Maggie App, the world’s first artificial intelligence guide, developed for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). The demonstration will include an exclusive interactive showcase of the AI guide’s functionality, interface usability, data processing and visualization. Visitors will get a chance to use the App and explore its features through first-hand experiences.

This is the second lecture in a three-part series: Global Dimension of Cultural Entrepreneurship: International Inspirations Making Local Impact, curated by Dr Natalia Grincheva. The series features three successful cultural start-ups that gained their main ideas and inspirations from international travels and cross-cultural engagements. The series exposes how local communities in different countries become increasingly hyperconnected through global circulations of cultural and economic capital via digital and material flows.

PresentersMr Robin Hao

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