Central-Local Government Relations and China’s Clean Energy Transition

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Central-Local Government Relations and China’s Clean Energy Transition

Australian-German Climate and Energy College
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This talk examines prospects for China’s clean energy transition in the context of the current phase of recentralisation under Xi Jinping.

Perspectives on energy and environmental governance in China frequently ascribe blame for China’s environmental problems to subnational governments’ lax environmental enforcement. Such research implicitly assumes that more central control would lead to better results. Jonas argues that current prospects for centralisation alone are unlikely to improve outcomes in every case, as there are significant areas of overlapping interests and similar patterns of behaviour, both positive (enforcement) and negative (shirking), between central and local administrations when it comes to energy and climate policy.

Despite efforts to strengthen central government control over the clean energy transition, structural incentives for local governments continue to undermine ambitious plans for decarbonisation.

This lecture is co-hosted with the Energy Transition Hub and The Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

PresentersDr Jonas Nahm

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