Social Practice: Art at the Community Interface

Free Public Lecture

Social Practice: Art at the Community Interface

Federation Hall

Grant Street, Southbank

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Over the past two decades a major current of contemporary art has considered “the social” an artistic medium of its own. Many artists are no longer content to allow the experience of an artwork to rely solely on materials or performances located in a specialist arts institution, but see their work in an expanded field of cultural production where artistic creation involves both artist and audience/participant. This democratisation of the arts has still relied on a historically Western distinction between art and other forms of community practice, and many artists have called this distinction into question.

In this panel five artists join convenor Danny Butt to give their own account of their practice at this emerging interface of art and community: Tiriki Onus, Beth Sometimes, Amelia Turner, Nuraini Juliastuti, and Tania Cañas.

This event includes the launch of the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) – Social Practice and Community Engagement.

Image: VCA students and community participants at Festival Lima Gunung XVII, Wonolelo, Yogyakarta, 2018. Photograph by Ruth DeSouza.

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