Active Factors in Creative Arts Therapies – An Embodied Aesthetic Perspective


Active Factors in Creative Arts Therapies – An Embodied Aesthetic Perspective

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

CAMTRU Public Lecture

The question of how creative arts therapies work is an exciting and fundamental area of investigation. This lecture, presented by international expert Professor Sabine Koch, introduces active factors, also known as therapeutic mechanisms, that underpin the efficacy of creative arts therapies. Professor Koch will explain the pressing need for research into active factors to help understand the mechanisms that are shared and different across the creative arts therapies modalities. This understanding has the potential to improve professional practice, training and research outcomes for all creative arts therapies. The lecture will present a model that accounts for active art-making processes and identifies five clusters of active factors for the creative arts therapies. It will provide empirical examples and findings about active factors in dance movement therapy and recommendations for research and practice.

This lecture is suitable for practitioners and researchers from all creative arts therapy disciplines, arts, dance, drama and music, as well as other therapies that utilise creative processes.

Hosted by the University of Melbourne's Creative Arts and Music Therapy Research Unit (CAMTRU).

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