Business Process Mining Short Course


Business Process Mining Short Course

Data abounds in modern organisations, but data without meaning is useless. This short course provides a hands-on introduction to the fascinating area of business process mining.

Process mining is an innovative approach to extract business process insights from transactional data commonly recorded by IT systems. The idea is to use this data to analyse and improve organisational productivity along performance dimensions such as efficiency, quality, compliance and risk. By using data rather than perceptions gained from interviews and workshops, process mining shifts the way of thinking from 'confidence-based' to 'evidence-based' business process management.

This course will illustrate the main techniques and tools for process mining, discuss what analytics can be extracted, and how these can be visualised and interpreted to gain better insights on how an organisation actually works. Concepts and techniques are put into practice through a range of examples, compelling case studies and supervised exercises deriving from various industry domains. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to run your first process mining project and gain the required buy-in to put up a case for process improvement based on your process mining results.

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