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In 2011, a tight-knit group of socially conscious college graduates strive to remain whole as the green pastures of their liberal arts educations are paved over. But with school behind them, their idealism — and their tight-knit circle — is diffused by the confusing, exhausting realities of living in the actual world. Set over the course of six birthday parties in one year, Snore maps the deterioration of their friendships, and their good intentions, as they come of age into a murky new world.

‘How does a universe aching to generate order, grids, right angles and compartments respond to the mess of our lives? I believe in the comedic potential of sadness – people who almost ‘get it’ but don’t, or who aren’t gotten, or who maybe had it and lost it. Our culture values efficiency. I write about people who are emotionally inefficient.’ – Max Posner.

Written by: Max Posner

Directed by: John Kachoyan

Presented by: Acting Company 2020 and Production

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