Materials Innovation for Better Living


Materials Innovation for Better Living

G20 Theatre
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Building 1 (Bldg 165)

Parkville campus

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Curious observations can often inspire people to come up with new hypotheses, define new problems and identify solutions to solve a problem. This seminar will focus on new thoughts from research and teaching, connecting materials innovations to observations in ordinary daily life.

Examples include:

  • Crumpled paper balls in a wastebasket inspired a new form of ultrafine particles that becomes aggregation-resistant and can disperse in arbitrary solvents. This represents a new strategy to alter particle-particle and particle-surface interactions by changing the contact geometry without the need for tuning surface chemistry. At the opposite end, the strong adhesion between soft graphene oxide sheets and a surface make them suitable for unconventional coating applications, such as hair coloring.
  • Nanopatterns in Blu-ray movie discs are found to be suitable for improving the performance of solar cells through light trapping. This suggests a materials/information duality, where the properties of materials are determined by how information is stored in the materials.
  • A problem encountered in water marbling art inspired a new technique of Langmuir-Blodgett assembly of colloidal particles.

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