Sovereign Language Rematriation

Free Public Lecture

Sovereign Language Rematriation

Grant Street Theatre

Southbank campus

Grant Street

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

2019 Lin Onus Oration

For the 2019 Lin Onus Oration, Dr Lou Bennett will give an overview of her work in language retrieval, regeneration and reclamation over the past 30 years as a practising artist and academic. Dr Bennett’s project, 'Sovereign Language Rematriation' (SLR), examines the importance of Indigenous research methods and practice-led research to the task of ‘rematriating’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. SLR involves collaborative processes of Indigenous song arrangement, composition and notation to develop song pedagogy for language retrieval that aligns with the diverse contemporary learning contexts and needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, especially those who do not speak their languages fluently on a day to day basis. At present SLR goes beyond the classroom of four walls, placing individuals, family and community back to sing and speak to country and each other.

Hosted by the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development as part of Wilin Week 2019.

PresentersDr Lou Bennett

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