Research Showcase: Responding to the Challenges of Tomorrow


Research Showcase: Responding to the Challenges of Tomorrow

Snapshot Presentations

Researchers from the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences (FVAS) are having a real-world impact every day. Join us for a showcase from across the many disciplines encompassed by the Faculty. This will be a great opportunity to plant a seed for future collaborations.

The second instalment of the 2019 Research Week Showcase will exhibit the exciting research happening at FVAS via 8-minute snapshot presentations.


  • Dr Anita S. Lawrence: The great food transformation: How does the EAT Lancet Planetary Health recommended diet compare with the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines and Australian diets in 2011-2?
  • Surinder Singh Cauhan: Amelioration of heat stress impacts in dairy cows
  • Melindee Hastie: The Influence of consumer cultural heritage on the perception of sheepmeat eating quality and sensitivity to meat ageing method
  • Caroline Mansfield: Microbiome and Interaction with Brain and Systemic Disease
  • Rebecca Traub: The necessity for a One Health intervention to zoonotic ancylostomiasis in the Asia Pacific
  • Margaret Ayre: Collaborative research supporting Indigenous land and sea management

You are welcome to attend some or all of the research showcase.

This event is part of Research Week: showcasing, celebrating and progressing research at the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.

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