A National Soil Outlook

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A National Soil Outlook

FVAS Lower Theatre (Room B151)
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GW Leeper Memorial Lecture

We are pleased to invite you to a special Dean's Lecture hosted by Soil Science Australia (VIC Branch) and the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.

This Lecture will feature a presentation by Mike Grundy a Chief Research Scientist with CSIRO who has been Leading the Soil and Landscape Program in CSIRO Agriculture and Food.

Australia has entered turbulent times – where our past experience may not inform our future. Recently, CSIRO and business and community partners released an Australian Outlook that modelled plausible futures. The focus has been on two contrasting scenarios: a slow decline and an ambitious “outlook vision”. In agriculture and land use, a business as usual approach to productivity and sustainability is compared to a more purposive whole-of-landscape emphasis on system repair and enhancement – and a promise of increased rural livelihoods.

Is our current system working? Optimism can be found but the trends are less convincing. Productivity has in general slowed, yield gaps abound and land degradation processes continue. Meanwhile our farmers manage an increasingly challenging system in which the (complex and poorly understood) soil is key. With business as usual, the slow decline scenario is easily imagined.

The optimism that underpins the "outlook vision" assumes positive system change and new opportunities to take advantage of these changes. It assumes effective climate change mitigation and abatement; captures new markets with assured quality and sustainability; uses the increased capability of farm machinery to sense the interaction with soil and land on the farm; accesses the potential of the genetic revolution at finer scales and tracks provenance from our paddocks to their plates. This vision imagines an enabling environment that includes abundant and less expensive energy, satellites with increased spatial and temporal resolution and a realisation of the broadband potential. What is an effective enabling setting for soil science?

AGM: 5.00pm (Soil Science Association members only) Lecture: 6.00pm (open to general public) Refreshments: 7.00-9.00pm

This lecture is part of the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences' Dean's Lecture series.

Presenters Mike Grundy

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