Preserve or Perish: Posthumous Casts and the Challenges of Sculptors’ Estates

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Preserve or Perish: Posthumous Casts and the Challenges of Sculptors’ Estates

William Macmahon Ball Theatre
Old Arts Building

Parkville campus

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Honouring an artist’s final wishes with respect to their studio contents is a daunting task, but in the case of sculptors’ estates the challenges are exponentially greater still. Which work should be deemed ‘the original’ – the hand-modelled maquette or a unique bronze cast made during the sculptor’s lifetime? If the work was issued as an edition, was the full edition ever realised? And, most problematically of all: what to do with fragile or perishable works that were never cast or fabricated in the artist’s lifetime? Should these be realised in a durable medium posthumously? If so, how can the sculptor’s intentions be known and respected? Families, executors and dealers representing sculptors’ estates repeatedly face these questions and many more. In this lecture, Jane Eckett will present the perspective of an art historian who has catalogued a number of sculptors’ studios and worked with the representatives of their estates – drawing on, in particular, her experiences in the studio of Norma Redpath (1928-2013)

This keynote lecture is also the Annual Duldig Lecture for Sculpture. Inaugurated in 1986 the Annual Duldig Lecture on Sculpture commemorates the life and work of the sculptor Karl Duldig and his wife, the artist and inventor Slawa Horowitz-Duldig.

PresentersDr Jane Eckett

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