Music Neuroscience Symposium 2020 – How Music Sculpts the Brain

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Music Neuroscience Symposium 2020 – How Music Sculpts the Brain

Hanson Dyer Hall – Level 3
The Ian Potter Southbank Centre

Southbank campus

43 Sturt Street, Southbank

The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences are delighted to welcome as our recently appointed Professorial Fellow in the MSPS, Dr Isabelle Peretz, from the University of Montreal.

Dr Peretz’s keynote will describe the main findings of more than thirty years of neurobiological research on music and education and translate these into actionable recommendations that can be directly applied in the music room. She will explain how the process of learning music impacts our brain, how music fosters curiosity, attention and enhance memory, whether children need a ‘musical ear’ to develop their musical ability and progress in music, and whether there are an age limits for learning music.

At a time when music education is under siege in schools, Dr Peretz and other presenters at this symposium will show how music can boost literacy, fine motor skills, memory, plus also social behaviour, altruism and… happiness!

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