Opportunity for Professional Development (Online): Non Communicable Disease and Global Health


Opportunity for Professional Development (Online): Non Communicable Disease and Global Health

Globally, non communicable diseases account for over two thirds of all deaths, and over half of disability adjusted life years. While non communicable diseases have sometimes been assumed to impact only on wealthy countries, they are in fact a major health and development challenge. Around 80 percent of non communicable disease-related deaths occur in low and middle incomes countries. Nations with the highest non communicable disease burden include some of Australia’s closest neighbours, particularly island states in the Pacific, where over 70 percent of mortality is now due to non communicable diseases. The growing non communicable disease burden is of critical importance to global health and development because it impacts on economic growth, increases levels of poverty, and leads to premature death. Non communicable diseases also have major social and fiscal implications for governments and communities.

In this course, participants will gain a practical understanding of the epidemiology, determinants, consequences and global health responses to the non communicable disease epidemic. The course promotes participants’ exploration of the nexus between non communicable diseases and disability, non communicable diseases and infectious diseases, and non communicable diseases within the broader public health and global development agenda. The course will contribute to enabling a new generation of public health professionals to address non communicable diseases through appropriate policy, programmatic and advocacy responses in Australia and globally.

No prior knowledge required.

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