Opportunity for Professional Development (Online): HIV & AIDS: An Evolving Global Response


Opportunity for Professional Development (Online): HIV & AIDS: An Evolving Global Response

The HIV and AIDS pandemic is one of the most devastating in recorded history, with the majority of its burden falling on resource poor nations and vulnerable people. HIV and its routes of transmission present unique challenges to prevention, care, treatment and support for people living with HIV (PLHIV). To effectively address HIV, we must adopt inclusive and comprehensive approaches to health and engage a diversity of stakeholders, most importantly people directly affected by HIV. HIV encourages us to confront issues of inequity, poverty, gender, legal barriers, human rights, stigma and discrimination and technological advancements.

Facilitated by leading experts on HIV and AIDS, this course examines: the history of HIV & AIDS, epidemiology, science and impact of HIV and AIDS; prevention theory and practice; transmission and vulnerability; policy, law and HIV vulnerability; global advocacy; treatment and care; key populations vulnerable to HIV; and the cultural dimensions of HIV programming. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences, and to convert new knowledge into practice through context-based group activities. Field visits for this course also provide key opportunities for participants to experience theoretical and evidence based approaches in practice, and provide a platform for critiquing HIV programs for key affected populations. The synergy between theory and practice offered by this course will equip participants with the practical tools to respond to the complex challenges of the global HIV pandemic in a new era of expanding treatments and prevention options.

No prior knowledge required.

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